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RIPP High Performance Coil Packs

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NOTE: If your vehicle is equipped with the "STOP-START ESS" function, these coils will NOT fit your engine. STOP-START ESS is the function that shuts your engine off when you come to a complete stop at a light and restarts when you proceed to save fuel. 



Looking to improve performance and gas mileage without breaking the bank? Look no further, Introducing the RIPP High Performance Coil Pack System for the 3.6 v6 Pentastar. These coils are a direct swap to 3.6 Mopar Cars, Trucks, and Jeeps and are guaranteed to be an improvement over those old weak, crusty factory coil packs. These coils deliver a more powerful spark resulting in more complete combustion and greatly improving high RPM operation.

100% Compatible with supercharged and non-supercharged engines.



  • 10% More Power then OEM coilpacks
  • Direct swap with oem, plug and play
  • Highest quality internal components and finish
  • MOPAR ORANGE high temperature heat resistant outer housing and boot. 
  • Includes all 6 coilpacks
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Improved MPG

     Will fit the following vehicles equipped with the v6 Pentastar Engine:

    • Chrysler 200 (11-18)
    • Chrysler 300 (11-18)
    • Chrysler Town & Country (11-18)
    • Dodge Avenger (11-18)
    • Dodge Challenger (11-18)
    • Dodge Charger (11-18)
    • Dodge Durango (11-15)
    • Dodge Grand Caravan (11-18)
    • Dodge Journey (11-18)
    • Jeep Cherokee (14-18)
    • Jeep Grand Cherokee (11-15),
    • Jeep Wrangler (12-18)
    • Ram 1500 (13-18)