3.6 Jeep Wrangler Sealed Air Box system for RIPP Supercharger

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This carbon fiber sealed air box features a high-flow washable cotton element air filter internally.

This system is intended to be used with JK's that have either an AEV Vented Heat Reduction hood or 10th Anniversary JK's which come standard with factory vented hood. This moves the air-inlet from the OEM position to a safer position behind the headlight. If you do not run this and have a vented hood you risk water leaking directly onto the RIPP supplied air filter which will then spill directly into the RIPP Supercharger. This can and will cause a supercharger failure because the supercharger is not designed to compress water. This can also cause permanent engine failure because naturally the engine should not ingest water. Replacement filtration elements only come in one piece, carbon fiber housing and filter.

Note: This will not work on 2007 - 2011 3.8 Jeep Wranglers