K & N Recharge Kit

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The K&N Aerosol Can Air Filter Recharger Kit keeps your K&N filter running at its peak potential. While enhancing your engine's performance by delivering more power-producing oxygen, the K&N air filter traps loads of dust, dirt and debris in its cotton-gauze filter medium, protecting your power plant from damage.

Somewhere between every 30,000 and 50,000 miles, under normal driving conditions, it's time for a scrub with the K&N Air Filter Aerosol Can Recharger Kit. After the filter has been swabbed, simply add the oil and you're ready to roll. And, the aerosol spray can delivers a super-fast blast of oil—great for on-the-go recharges.

The K&N Air Filter Recharger Kit yields roughly 7 thorough cleanings or about 350,000 miles of top-performance filtration. That's enough to keep the clean air flowing and your engine going for over 116 cross-country trips.