2007-2011 JEEP Wrangler RIPP Cold Air Intake Kit

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RIPP - The leader in power products for the Jeep Wrangler JK is proud to introduce the only cold air kit on the market that can be used with any snorkel system. This kit can be configured many ways. 

Your already giving up HP to the snorkel, don't let your factory air box rob more! No panel filter can flow like this, plus it frees up some room under the hood. Easily convertible, it can be run as an open element and deliver up to 6 peak rear wheel HP or simply slip the flexible connection tube in front and hook up to your snorkel. Easy clean with soap and water. Durable carbon fiber construction. Replacement filtration elements only come in one piece, carbon fiber housing and filter.

 Off Road Use Only (not CARB Certified) 

*To connect to aftermarket snorkel systems you will need universal material. 
For example flexible silicon hosing and/or step down couplers not included
with this kit.This kit is for non supercharged engines, please review the pictures
for an example.