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Air Filter Cleaner Spray

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Air Filter Cleaner SprayAir Filter Cleaner Spray
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PJ1 Air Filter Cleaner is a highly effective solution for removing dirt, grease, and grime from your air filters. With its simple spray on and wash off process, it eliminates the need for soaking and rinsing filters in gasoline or other solvents. What's more, PJ1 is specifically designed to not harm filter glues, making it safe and easy to use. Give your air filters the thorough cleaning they deserve with PJ1 Air Filter Cleaner.

This item works with ALL RIPP supplied air filters including: 



  1. Shake can well before each use.
  2. Apply PJ1 AIR FILTER CLEANER SPRAY liberally to both inner and outer surfaces until filter is completely saturated.
  3. Wait 15 minutes, then hose off thoroughly.
  4. Let filter dry completely.

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