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2015 - 2016 Chevrolet Colorado GMC Canyon System

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  • Please note: These systems require professional installation with mechanical knowledge and support.
  • Hardware only.
  • Vehicle must be DYNO TUNED by an experienced calibrator. 

The RIPP Supercharger system for the 2015-2016 Chevrolet Colorado & GMC Canyon equipped with the v6 3.6L engine. The is a complete supercharger package with all the necessary components in one box. Delivering 5-7lbs of boost pressure expect to increase the factory engine output to an additional 150 extra horsepower and 120 lbs/ft of torque, safely and reliably and still maintain it's daily day to day use. 

RIPP Superchargers has an easy to install, easy to own supercharger system that boosts the meager 195 Rear Wheel HP up to 350 Rear Wheel HP. That's HP measures at the actual rear wheels and not at the crank like manufacturers like to advertise. Subsequently, that's more HP than any of the V8 available in the larger trucks. This means you how more power to tow, more power to haul, and more power to jump sand dunes!! 

CARB pending not carb approved 

 What you can expect in each system purchased is as follows:

  • Clear and well planed instruction manual: Color pictures to make installation as seamless as possible. 6-8hr install time.
  • A complete kit - All parts, mounting brackets, pulley system, belts, couplers, clamps, hardware. aluminum charge pipes, air to air front mounted intercooler set-up. Vortech blow off valve, Air intake.. etc No guess work required.
  • Vortech v3 Supercharger Unit - Made specifically for RIPP, this self contained supercharger puts out 1150cfm's and is a great performer without sacrificing reliability. 
  • The largest Intercooler: With heavy towing, wheeling, and traffic comes the by-product of significant amounts of heat. To counteract this, we fitted the largest air to air intercooler we could fit behind the bumper without modification. This allows you to enjoy your supercharger system without the worry of heat soak and power loss.
  • Helpful and reliable customer support - RIPP Superchargers prides it self on being easy going and down to earth car guys. Whether you have questions or tech help, we'll do everything in our power to get you on track.
  • THIS KIT IS HARDWARE ONLY! Tuning is not provided. This system will add 100-150hp!! THIS IS NOT A TOY and must be tuned by a professional. Please consult your local Dyno tuner or performance shop to discuss tuning options.  ( example: Diablo Sport CMR or HP-Tuners.) 



    *** offroad use only 

    *** The user is responsible for Dyno tuning to refine the calibration to their liking.The user should look forward to a proper Dyno tune to get the most out of their vehicles. RIPP is not responsible for tuning or discrepancies between different dyno readings. Many Dynometers read in different net output depending on manufacture, style, elevation, and temperature. RIPP advertises SAE HP captured at the wheel instead of at the crank for the most realistic scenario as possible.  0-60 times and quarter mile times may vary based on driving style and other variable out of our control.