2015 - 2017 Ram 3.6 Supercharger System

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 The 3.6 v6 Ram is a great price for alot of truck. While it is capable of hauling, towing or driving over uneven terrain, the power from the factory is a lot left to be desired. 

 RIPP Superchargers has a complete bolt on solution for you, including all of the necessary hardware and electronic components to install into your vehicle in under 8 hours by a licensed mechanic. 

 After all said and down, a blistering 450 WHEEL horsepower is laid to the ground on a factory engine and drivetrain without any internal modifications and can be driven daily for thousands of miles. Making it easier to haul, tow and everything else you like to put your truck through!

What's included:

  • Vortech v3 SI self contained centrifugal supercharger
  • Our largest, Air to Air Intercooler we offer
  • Full Piping and necessary hardware to bolt on the system
  • Vortech Max Flow Blow Off Valve
  • Larger, FIC primary injectors
  • Hptuners Cable with credits to license ECU
  • Modified PCM
  • RIPP Proprietary MAP sensor

 Factory output drives these Rams at about 260 horsepower to the ground on our dyno, with after supercharging puting out a blistering 450 horsepower on the factory engine safely! Each kit utilizes completely check engine light free environment with all emissions and knock control features on, making it extremely safe for any form of motor-sport.

PENDING: Legal use in California ( NOT CARB Certified )

****Although the tune included with this system is calibrated for your vehicle the user is responsible for any further Dyno tuning to refine the calibration to their liking. The tune should be considered standard. The user should look forward to  proper Dyno tuning and not rely on the standard tune. RIPP is not responsible for tuning or discrepancies between different dyno readings. Many Dynometers read in different net output depending on manufacture, style, elevation, and temperature. RIPP advertises SAE HP captured at the wheel instead of at the crank for the most realistic scenario as possible.  0-60 times and quarter mile times may vary based on driving style and other variable out of our control.