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RIPP Tuning Support

All new RIPP Supercharger Kits come with one year of tuning and diagnostic support from the date of purchase.
To receive tuning support, please click the button below to fill out the RIPP Tuning Registration Form.

RIPP Tuning Registration Form

Once completed, someone from our Tuning Department will contact you within 24 hours (9am-6pm ET Monday-Friday)

*Please Note: If you purchased your supercharger kit MORE THAN 1 YEAR AGO, and require tuning support, YOU MUST PURCHASE AN EXTENDED TUNING & DIAGNOSTIC PLAN below for one year of additional support.

Extended Tuning & Diagnostic Support Plan
Extended Tuning & Diagnostic Support Plan
Extended Tuning & Diagnostic Support Plan
Extended Tuning & Diagnostic Support Plan

Extended Tuning & Diagnostic Support Plan


Supported engine management: HP-Tuners, Diablo Sport (CMR)

This service will provide customers with 1 year of tuning support. Base tunes, technical assistance, and diagnostic help will be provided via data logging reviews. We will also be able to adjust your base tune if need be. All tuning will be held at our discretion. 

This service is great for customers who recently bought a used supercharger kit or are using a universal tuning device, such as an i3. Tuning is essential, and having guidance when installing a base map onto your vehicle can be very helpful. If your device has the ability to perform data logging, we can review recorded data and help you diagnose your vehicle or guide you further.

PLEASE NOTE: If you're experiencing physical problems with your tuning device, please contact the manufacturer of that device directly. We can not provide tuning services if your device isn't functioning properly.

After placing your purchase, you will receive an email to complete the RIPP Tuning Support Registration Form. If you do not receive an email, please contact our customer service dept at


*This service does not provide tuning credits or licenses.

**This is not "remote tuning," "fine-tuning," "custom tuning," or "dyno tuning."

***RIPP Superchargers is not responsible for any vehicle or what a customer will do with their vehicle at any time. Please read our Terms of Service

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