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RIPP is a pioneer and leader in superchargers, performance upgrades, and more!

Founded in 1995 and driven by a passion for racing, we started on a mission to enhance the performance of Honda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, and Dodge V6 cars. Soon after, we extended our expertise to Jeep Wranglers, Jeep Cherokees, and later, Dodge Charger and Challenger cars. Since our inception, we have sold more than 20,000 supercharger kits to satisfied car enthusiasts around the world.

RIPP products are built to last, and as the market leader we stand behind every item we sell with an industry-only one-year warranty – plus technical and tuning support. You simply won’t find this level of support at any of our competitors.

Today, RIPP offers so much more than superchargers! We continue to innovate based on our customers’ needs, and we offer a wide variety of performance upgrades and go-to maintenance items for hundreds of different vehicles. Use our Vehicle Finder to see all the different options that can bring your ride to life!

You’ll see that we pride ourselves on going above and beyond. Why? Because we share the same passion as our customers – we are car nerds, jeepers, and performance tuners. As a team of enthusiasts, we design, test, and manufacture products that prioritize the dual goals of excitement and safety. Increased horsepower and improved fuel efficiency are great, but we want you to get home safely, too, and we’re absolutely obsessed with innovating to increase safe performance.

Our customers frequently tell us how much they appreciate the RIPP experience. They send us pictures and videos of their upgraded rides – and we can’t get enough! Focus on maximum performance in every aspect of your life, starting with your car.  Join us and boost your passion for high performance!