V3 Supercharger Remote Vent hose for Vented Hoods

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Protect your investment with RIPP Supercharger's new V3 Remote Vent hose. 

The purpose of this product is to avoid getting water into the lubrication system (case) of the Vortech V3 supercharger. Those of you with vented hoods and or doing deep water crossing risk getting water into the case via the VENT plug initially installed with your kit. Water mixed with oil can lead to catastrophic failure of your supercharger.  This V3 Remote Vent prevents this by venting the expanding gasses which are produced as the fluid heats to lubricate the internal drive of the supercharger. This vent kit will remote mount the venting system high in the engine bay to avoid this condition.


Install Notes:

Replace the dip stick with this item.  Replace the normal brass vent plug with the Vortech Shipping Plug.  If you do not have one from your initial install it is available to purchase HERE.  To check your oil level simply remove the remote vent and thread in the dip stick.

Proper installation on a supercharger which is already on a Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator will require removing the supercharger off the bracket so that the factory vent plug can be replaced with the shipping plug.

Do not ever operate the vehicle/supercharger while the shipping plug and dipstick are installed at the same time.  If no vent is installed it can lead to pressurizing the supercharger gear case and supercharger failure.