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Notice to clients: Important Information Before Purchasing

Select VECI numbered vehicles are NOT CARB approved and are still pending approval. Please locate your VECI sticker (Vehicle Emissions Control Information sticker) on your vehicle to check the group number.

The VECI sticker can be found in your driver's door jamb or under the hood.


The following group numbers are currently CARB PENDING:


We have applied for CARB certifications for these group numbers and are currently awaiting approval.

Purchasing a RIPP supercharger without consideration of local laws or legality is the customer's sole responsibility. RIPP Superchargers is not responsible for installation or repair of a customer's vehicle regardless of the cause. Please obey all traffic laws at all times. Modifying your vehicle in any way could be against your local laws, so please familiarize yourself with the regulations in your area.

Thank you,
The RIPP Team