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05-15 Toyota Tacoma V6 Heavy Duty Transmission and Power Steering Cooler Kit

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05-15 Toyota Tacoma V6 Heavy Duty Transmission and Power Steering Cooler Kit05-15 Toyota Tacoma V6 Heavy Duty Transmission and Power Steering Cooler Kit
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Heavy Duty Transmission Cooler

Towing with your Tacoma?  Weighed it down with armor, wheels, tires , and overlanding gear?  All of that will make your Tacoma's transmission to work harder and increase temperatures further.  Installing our transmission cooler to your vehicle will greatly reduce transmission oil temperatures and could save your transmission from failure.  Factory trans coolers are super small and not designed to hold up to the added weight and high temperatures your Tacoma will experience out on the trail, while pulling a trailer, or even both at the same time.  This transmission cooler is sized to get the maximum amount of cooling possible into the front of your Tacoma and utilizes copper tubes and aluminum cooling fin construction.

Power Steering Cooler Add-On

Additionally we decided there is no reason to waste what is a perfectly sized cooler for power steering.  Optional lines and fittings are provided to convert the OEM trans cooler into a power steering cooler.  Power steering fluid is often overlooked when it comes to cooling especially when moving around heavy larger tires.  Hours on the trail at low speed turning those tires back and forth will put more and more heat through the fluid with little to help decrease temperature.  Now with the systems own cooler you can trust that the power steering system will handle anything you throw at it.

Will fit 2016+ Tacoma with modification to or removal of the plastic air guide inside of the grill so that the hoses can reach the coolers.

Install instructions

  • Copper tubes have built in turbulator fins to agitate fluid and increase cooling.
  • Improves functioning and overall performance of transmission
  • Extends life of transmission and prolongs period between necessary fluid changes
  • Cuts down on heat-related failures
  • Designed with copper tubing and aluminum fins for maximum heat transfer.
  • Plastic mounting to isolate heat transfer from other components.
  • made in the USA
  • Should be installed by a professional with experience.  

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