07-11 3.8L Wrangler Refresh Pack

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This package deal includes the following items: 

RIPP - Coilpack for 3.8L Jeep Wrangler

RIPP - Spark Plug Wires for 3.8L Jeep Wrangler

NGK - Spark Plugs (6) for 3.8L Jeep Wrangler


Coilpack features: 

The RIPP Performance Coil Pack is specifically designed for the 3.8l V6 found in your Jeep Wrangler from 2007 to 2011. It will deliver more energy and a hotter spark across the entire engine RPM range when compared to the factory coil pack. What's this mean for you? More horsepower! The spark plug receives more needed energy that will result in a more complete burn inside the combustion chamber, yielding more power, better gas mileage and a better throttle response with every revolution. On average a net wheel HP gain of 8-10 horsepower can achieved with this one modification. When paired with RIPP High Performance Ignition Wires you'll be installing the very best ignition components in your Jeep Wrangler.   

  • 8% More Power than OEM coilpacks
  • Direct swap with oem, plug and play
  • Highest quality internal components and finish
  • MOPAR ORANGE high temperature heat resistant outer housing and boot. 
  • Supercharged or naturally aspirated, the coil packs can be used in either variation!
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Improved MPG
  • No Tuning Required!!
  • Direct Bolt On Installation - Simply remove and replace.
  • Heavy duty primary core winding.
  • Higher quality Iron core with stronger laminations.
  • Increased amount of secondary core windings. 
  • Sustained power delivery even at high RPM operation
  • High Density Polymer Orange Housing. 
  • Heavy Duty, high-temperature, epoxy filled housing resists shock and  vibration. Our dielectric compound completely penetrates coil windings assuring perfect insulation even upon exposure to high voltage conditions. Engineered to resist humidity, wear, vibration, impact and chemicals such as gasoline, oils and brake fluids. Will not degrade or crack even under severe thermal cycling.

Spark Plug Wire features:

When shopping for a replacement spark plug wire you want the best you can buy. But with the 3.8 they need to hit a few key features and the RIPP High Performance Wire Set does just that.  

  • The internal wire needs to have less resistance to carry more voltage to the spark plug to increase spark capacity. This will result in a much better burn quality when you really need it. 
  • The internal shielding needs to be high quality to avoid interference with on-board electronics.
  • The outer shielding needs to be high quality and have a high heat resistance to carry the voltage.
  • They need to fit like the OEM and into the 3.8 V6 spark plug wire guides. The 3.8 has a cast plastic spark plug wire guide that keeps the wires high and dry, the lengths critical and away from engine components that can burn or cut them. Our wires are the biggest you can fit in the cast guide without the need for zip-ties or custom brackets like the competitor.
  • RIPP ignition wires use very high quality silicone boots and coatings that resist heat. 
  • OEM Mopar wires use graphite fibers as a conductor, these are loaded with resistance, resulting in major energy loss. RIPP wires use a spiral wound, heavy duty, steel core conductor. ( see pictures for example) With minimal resistance they deliver maximum amount of power from your coil pack to spark plugs. 

NGK spark plug features: 

Economical performance and improved ignitability over standard Spark Plugs original equipment manufacturer and racer approved.

  • Lowers ignition system voltage requirements
  • Greater ignitability and performance over conventional spark plugs
  • Trivalent Metal Plating has superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties
  • Increased fuel economy and lower emissions
  • Highly durable against electrical and chemical wear
  • Good performance spark plug