2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler Automatic Transmission Cooler for use With or W/O Supercharger

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 When is comes to real world Jeep JK testing no one can argue RIPP has done more than any other performance manufacturer on the market. We know JK power-trains in and out. The transmission in JK's run hot stock, when you add larger tires and weight, it works harder and gets hotter. The factory trans cooler just doesn't cut it, its riddled with flaws. Our unit works, it keeps the basics in mind. Dissipate heat period! Copper is the best material for conducting the heat out of the fluid while aluminum is ideal for transferring and dissipating that heat Protected from possible damage during installation by plastic fin guards and powder coat finish. 

  • Works with or without RIPP Front mounted intercooler.
  • Improves functioning and overall performance of transmission
  • Extends life of transmission and prolongs period between necessary fluid changes
  • Cuts down on heat-related failures
  • Has built-in turbulators that agitate fluid for more efficient cooling
  • Designed with copper tubing expanded into aluminum fins for maximum heat transfer
  • Plastic mounting to isolate heat transfer from other components