2019 JT Gladiator RIPP Supercharger System

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2019+ JT Gladiator ONLY.  


The RIPP Supercharger system delivers the most reliable power on the market period! No other company has spent more time developing a complete bolt on power solution than RIPP!

  • MORE Power!
  • MORE Power to Tow!
  • MORE Power to Haul! 
  • MORE Power to Climb! 
  • MORE Power to get you where you're going! 

This is the most complete Supercharger system for a 2019+ Jeep Gladiator (JT) equipped with the 3.6l V6. Key features of this system are: a Vortech V3-Si Trim Self-Contained Centrifugal Supercharger, the largest air-to-air front mounted intercooler on the market, larger plug & play primary injectors and a proprietary plug & play map sensor. RIPP provides full computer calibrations via state-of-the-art programming computers so you don't have to worry about that. All the bracketry and supporting items have been on the market for decades in previous systems all proven to go hundreds of thousands of miles so you never have to worry about the small stuff. And with an average installation time of eight to ten hours your installer will love us too. In short this is the most thought out system on the market and that's a great thing!  

Proven Performance: 

Preliminary tests show that an Automatic 3.6 Pentastar powered Jeep Gladiator produces only 215 rear wheel HP (WHP) in stock form proving that there is a near 30% drive-train loss from the factory advertised 285HP measured at the crank. Additionally if you add larger wheels and tires, power is even lower. With a RIPP Supercharger installed we safely produce 380 Rear Wheel HP and 350 ft/lbs** of Torque on 37in tall tires, thats 500HP at the CRANK!!!! That WHP is MUCH higher than a 5.7 V8 Engine swap costing thousands of dollars more and in line with a 6.4 Hemi swap. But, you get the added benifit and an MPG increase from 1-4mpg combined City/hwy*** the best on the market!

RIPP has spent an enormous amount of time tuning for better drive quality. We've tuned in all conditions including high altitude, hot dry deserts and cold wet climates. No other manufacturer has spent more time developing engine calibrations than RIPP, it’s a brand you can rely on World Wide. Our systems are well laid out and engineered for reliability, practicality and the off-roader in mind. No laggy heat soaked turbos, no temperamental and venerable relocated alternators, no oil lines that will inevitably leak or get caught on brush while on the trail in our system! Just a neat compact system and thats been proven to work world-wide and in any and all conditions. 


    • 22.25 x 2.75" thick bar-and-plate core for optimal cooling and minimal pressure loss
    • Large end tanks allow the best possible airflow through the intercooler
    • Mandrel-bent, aluminum pipes eliminate any restrictions
    • Includes all necessary couplers, brackets, and accessories
    • Inter-cooler available in Polished Silver or Satin Black
    • New mandrel bent 2.5" charge piping
    • Vortech MAXFLOW Race Blow Off Valve with full metal internals
    • Fully detailed instructions to complete the bolt on installation


*SPECIAL INFORMATION FOR 2018+ Engine Computer Programming*

We require your vehicle’s VIN and Odometer mileage to send out a new PCM that will work in your Jeep as well as our provided electronics. You will replace your Jeep’s PCM with the Modified one. Once that’s complete, you will receive a tune file for your vehicle.
Please note, we're here for you. Once you place your order you'll receive an e-mail with instructions regarding the PCM

CARB Pending.

 *HorsePower Measured at the Rear wheel (not crank)

 *** RIPP makes no claims in increased MPG, clients have reported this data on their own behalf. 

 *** Although the tune included with this system is calibrated for your vehicle the user is responsible for any further Dyno tuning to refine the calibration to their likingThe tune should be considered standard. The user should look forward to proper Dyno tuning if necessary. 

 *** RIPP cannot be responsible for discrepancies between different dyno readings throughout the industry. Please educate yourself about horse power possibilities or consult your local specialist about variables between each vehicle.

RIPP does NOT include transmission tuning. Please make sure you have the proper gear ratio for your vehicle's wheel/tire set-up to maximize it's potential.