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4.0L XJ Performance Spark Plug Wires

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4.0L XJ Performance Spark Plug Wires4.0L XJ Performance Spark Plug Wires
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Time for a tune up? Installing a supercharger or Long Tube Header? There's no time like the present to treat your TJ/LJ to these high performance spark plug wires.  
  • Auto or 6spd
  • 6 cylinder engine.
  • Black with MOPAR Orange stripe and RIPP logo.
  • 7.8mm  diameter.
  • High heat resistant silicone construction.
  • High heat resistant MOPAR Orange Boots.

Compatible with the following vehicles with RIPP Coilpack conversion kit. 

2000-2001 - Jeep Cherokee 4.0L XJ 


  • The RIPP wires have significantly less resistance then OEM and other brands. Meaning the wires carry more voltage to the spark plug, increasing spark power and resulting in stronger and complete combustion. 
  • NEW OEM 33" wire test 6.0Ω
  • NEW RIPP 33" wire test 5.2Ω 
  • The internal high density shielding will avoid interference with on-board electronics and insulate spark energy.
  • The outer shielding is a high heat resistant silicone,   
  • The wires are 7.8mm to fit the OEM wire holders and guides. Our wires are the biggest you can fit in the OEM guide without the need for zip-ties or custom brackets like the competitor.
  • RIPP ignition wires use high quality, high density silicone boot. 
  • OEM Mopar wires use graphite fibers as a conductor (loaded with resistance) resulting in major energy loss. RIPP wires use a spiral wound, heavy duty, solid steel conductor. (see pictures for example of OEM vs. RIPP) The wires have minimal resistance and deliver maximum amount of power from your coil pack to spark plugs. 

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