Altitude Pulley and Belt Kit for RIPP Supercharged Jeep Wranglers

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Have a RIPP Powered Jeep Wrangler? Reside at higher elevations? Want a little more power? Then this Altitude Pulley and Belt kit for various vehicles is for you.

The smaller pulley and belt kit will deliver 9-11psi at sea-level on your Jeep Wrangler 4.0 3.8 or 3.6 equipped with a RIPP Supercharger system. This pulley is designed for high elevation clients to correct the superchargers impeller speed to offset elevation boost loss. At sea level it spools the blower faster and with more authority. Best of all as long as you have your Diablo tool up to date, it can be driven safely from sea level to high elevation without tune issue or need to switch back. You can always ask before you install and they can direct you in the right direction for tune updates.

Made from 6061 billet aluminum will deliver faster spool up at sea level. This unit can be used with stock internals but Diablo tuner and larger injectors (GEN2) electronics and an intercooler are a must

  • *Also known as the Altitude pulley across the Jeep communities.
  • **Depending on your set up running more boost will require a re-tune of your electronics.

*Jeep Wrangler Only