RIPP Magnetic Engine Oil Drain Plug M12x1.25 - Fits Toyota Vehicles

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Our magnetic drain plug is constructed of 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum and features a 12mm tall high strength neodymium magnet capable of holding over 2lbs of weight! Additionally, the head of the bolt is machined for use of safety wire to prevent loosening under extreme vibration. We utilize a reusable Dowty gasket and washer to ensure a perfect seal every time.

The RIPP drain plug will collect metallic particles from your engine's oil which would otherwise pass through the oiling system. Even though the engines oil filter is effective at capturing larger particles, much smaller particles remain circulating. These particulates are extremely abrasive and harmful to your engine's internal components. Using a magnetic drain plug will collect these harmful particles and prevent internal wear and premature failure. Some automotive manufactures utilize a magnetic plug or filter inside the oil pan to collect material but MOPAR engines do not have this option. Using a magnetic drain plug will add a layer of protection and extend engine life.   

Each order is 1 drain plug    

RIPP Drain plug features: 

6061 Aluminum construction.

Safety wire compatible head.

12mm Neodymium Magnet.

Dowty seal washers.


M12x1.25 thread pitch