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2015 - 2017 Dodge Charger 3.6 Supercharger Kit

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2015 - 2017 Dodge Charger 3.6 Supercharger Kit2015 - 2017 Dodge Charger 3.6 Supercharger Kit2015 - 2017 Dodge Charger 3.6 Supercharger Kit2015 - 2017 Dodge Charger 3.6 Supercharger Kit2015 - 2017 Dodge Charger 3.6 Supercharger Kit2015 - 2017 Dodge Charger 3.6 Supercharger Kit
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** Due to high demand, please allow 2 weeks for your order to be assembled and shipped * *

  • Product update note: As of 9.2.23, This Supercharger kit will now include new and improved state-of-the-art fuel injectors.
    • Please note: These systems require professional installation with mechanical knowledge and support.
    • The tune is included, but the vehicle should be DYNO-tested and tuned by a professional. With 11-13psi of boost, you'll gain 175+HP! 

    2015 - 2017 Dodge Charger 3.6 V6 - RIPP Supercharger System.  After all is said and done, a projected 400 - 450 WHEEL horsepower to the ground that can be driven daily. Compatible with All Wheel Drive Charger's, which can safely reach a projected 400-415whp  to the ground.

    Preliminary tests show that an Automatic 3.6 Pentastar Dodge Charger/ Challenger produces only 255** rear wheel HP (WHP) in stock form. With a RIPP Supercharger installed, we safely squeezed 425WHP+ and 360ft/lbs** of Torque on a factory 3.6 Pentastar. That WHP is higher than a 5.7 V8 Engine swap, which costs thousands more, which is in line with a 6.4 Hemi. Additionally, clients have reported an MPG increase of 1- 4mpg combined with City/Highway ***. 

    RIPP has spent an enormous amount of time testing for better drive quality. We've tested in all conditions, including high altitudes, hot, dry deserts, and cold, wet climates. No other manufacturer has spent more time developing a bolt-on supercharger than RIPP, and it is a brand people can rely on Worldwide. 

    NOTICE: ALL 2015+ Dodge Chargers, Challengers & 300s will require an unlocked PCM from HP-Tuners.  (unlock service included with supercharger kit) once your order is placed you'll receive an e-mail with instructions.

      2015 - 2016 Dodge Charger model years are 50-state legal!

      Please Review Important CARB Information Before Purchasing (click here)

      2017+ Dodge Charger model years are NOT 50-state legal

      100% Compatible with AWD vehicles!

      Heritage Edition Option:

      Looking for that distinct supercharger whistle from the past? Look no further. The classic is new again. Back by popular demand, the original Vortech V-1 gearset from 1990 is now available with modern efficiency in a self-lubricated transmission package. The Heritage Series units feature the same self-contained lubrication system as the normal V-3 units and come with an attached oil drain extension so the unit does not have to be removed for servicing.

      • Product update note: As of 9.2.23 This Supercharger kit will now include new and improved, state of the art, fuel injectors. This injector is called "SP"
      • If you have an older supercharger kit purchased before 9.2.23 it will use the "H" injector. PLESE REFERENCE THIS DETAIL WITH ANY COMMUNICATION WITH RIPP. All Fuel injectors are manufactured by Fuel Injector Clinic (FIC)

       ** All RIPP WHP levels are measured at the rear wheel, not at the crank. Be careful when comparing HP to WHP. WHP levels vary depending on tire and gear combination as rotational mass comes into play, this affects both Naturally Aspirated (NA) and Forced Induction (FI) total output.

       ***Although the tune included with this system is calibrated for your vehicle the user is responsible for any further Dyno tuning to refine the calibration to their liking. The tune should be considered standard. The user should look forward to proper Dyno tuning if necessary. 

      *** RIPP is not responsible for tuning or discrepancies between different dyno readings. Many Dynometers read in different net output depending on manufacture, style, elevation, and temperature. RIPP advertises SAE HP captured at the wheel instead of at the crank for the most realistic scenario as possible.  0-60 times and quarter mile times may vary based on driving style and other variable out of our control.


      Key features of this system are: a Vortech V3 Self-Contained Centrifugal Supercharger, an air-to-air front mounted intercooler, larger plug and play primary injectors and a proprietary plug-&-play map sensor. A basemap tune will be included with this system. Our system bolts on in eight - ten hours by a licensed mechanic and is considered the most complete and easy to install system on the market.

      • Vortech V3 Si Trim Supercharger (Self Contained)
      • Vortech Race Bypass Valve
      • Plug and Play Injectors (New)
      • Front Mounted Intercooler & mounting brackets 
      • Aluminum mandrel bent charge piping 
      • Engine Management; HP Tuners, link cable and tune
      • Start-up tune included ,but vehicle must be dyno tuned for best results
      • Powder Coated Mounting Brackets
      • Gates Belt
      • RIPP Air Filter
      • Hardware
      • 4 Ply Black Boost Couplers
      • Vacuum lines, Vacuum T's and all adapters required
      • Fully Illustrated Color Instructions
      • 1 Year Warranty
      • Tech line with Customer Service

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