High Boost PCV Valve 30psi Turbo or Supercharger

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Used in ALL RIPP Kits (unless otherwise specified)

Stop throwing your money away on stock PCV valve replacement. And stop throwing boost through your engine, its only going to make things worn and blow gaskets. RIPP has developed a low cost and simple solution to over pressurizing the crankcase, the RIPP PCV is a one-way valve that modifies the operation of the factory PCV system and prevents air from entering the crankcase through the OEM PCV valve or the intake hose. It can be used alone or in conjunction with an Oil Catch Can system which will eliminate any and all conditions described above. The PCV system in modern day engines is designed to remove blow-by gases (un-burnt fuel-air mixture that escapes past the piston rings on the compression stroke).

These crankcase gases can foul the engine oil or increase the crankcase stress. Additionally it raises the acidity levels in the oil, which breaks down the oils ability to lubricate properly. Filtered air supplied to the crankcase from the intake hose through the valve cover mixes with the blow-by gases and funneled out of the valve cover vacuum in the intake manifold through the PCV valve. Under idle, deceleration and cruise conditions the blow-by gases are minimal, the engines vacuum will do a sufficient job in removing the pressure built in the crankcase.

However, under boosted conditions and heavy acceleration, the PCV system is under a much heavier load because blow-by gases are at their highest, a completely normal condition. The intake manifold becomes pressurized and the plungers seat on the factory PCV is forced closed preventing air from entering or exiting the crankcase, ultimately building excess crankcase pressure.

Additionally, when the manifold is pressurized the excess blow-by gases now under pressure flow out of any part of the engine it can find such as the valve cover seal or gaskets, oil dip stick tubes, valve cover relief vent and various other “escape routes” the pressure manages to find.

The RIPP larger valve assembly installs in the hose that connects the rear rocker cover to the intake hose. Our valves allow air to flow through them in only one direction, the crank will flow only away from the valve covers, maintaining a partial vacuum in the crankcase at all times. The new system will increases engine power and response because power is not wasted compressing air in the crankcase on the downward piston stroke. In short its a must have for all types of boosted engines, it acts as both a safety net and power adder.

Internal thread pitch: 1/4-18NPT