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RIPP Idler Pulley Assembly

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RIPP Idler Pulley Assembly
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*Sold individually (one idler pulley)


RIPP Idler Pulley - Our idler pulleys are a performance-driven component, crafted for the RIPP supercharger system. Each unit is sold individually, providing you with a singular, high-quality replacement for your existing idler pulley. Each idler pulley is manufactured by hand and assembled ready for installation. 

Key Features:

  1. Stainless Steel Roller: The RIPP Idler Pulley boasts a durable stainless steel roller that guarantees robust performance under the demanding conditions of supercharger applications. This material ensures resistance to corrosion and wear, providing a reliable solution for your vehicle's needs.

  2. High-Speed Sealed Bearings: Equipped with 2 6001 high-speed sealed bearings, this idler pulley ensures smooth and efficient rotation, contributing to optimal performance in the supercharger system. The sealed design protects the bearings from contaminants, enhancing their lifespan and maintaining peak functionality.

  3. Heavy Duty Retaining ring : The use of a retaining ring reinforces the structural integrity of the bearing, providing additional durability and security. This feature is essential in maintaining proper tension and alignment of the bearing to allow adequate thermo expansion. 

  4. Billet Aluminum Standoff: The idler pulley incorporates a billet aluminum standoff, a precision manufactured component that contributes to the overall strength and reliability of the pulley assembly. The Standoff directly controls pulley offset location to ensure proper belt alignment. 

  5. Hardware Included: To streamline the installation process, each RIPP Idler Pulley comes with all necessary hardware. 

Vehicle-Specific Fitment: To guarantee a perfect fit for your vehicle, the RIPP Idler Pulley is available with a vehicle selection option. This customization ensures that the idler pulley is tailored to the specifications of your particular make and model, providing an exact replacement for your existing idler(s) Some vehicles require 2 idlers. 

    Tech tips: 

    -Idler pulleys should be serviced and replaced every 45,000 miles. This service interval also applies to OEM idlers, Belt Tensioners and belt on your engine. 

    -Pulley surfaces can be cleaned during inspection. Using sand paper on flat pulleys and a wire brush on ribbed pulleys is effective method to clear debris and burns from a pulley.

    -An engine's pulley and belt system is designed to operate dry. Do not use solvents as they could wash grease out of bearings, this will cause premature failure. -Do not use belt dressing, grease or oil on pulley or belt surfaces, this will cause premature failure.


      • Made from T304 stainless steel
      • Quality Dual seal SKF Bearings
      • Billet Flange for respective Vehicle
      • Standoff included
      • Inspected to run 100% true

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