RIPP Pre-Filter (3-pack)

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The RIPP Pre-Filter is a single-use filtration boost that ensures your engine is fully protected while you’re out having fun!

Dusty conditions create ultra-fine particles that can pass into your intake track and harm your engine, but there’s an easy solution: Slip one of these pre-filters over your RIPP Supercharger Kit Air Filter, and you’ll have an extra line of protection against even the most miniscule contaminants.

Please Note:

  • This item only fits RIPP Supercharger Jeep Wrangler Open Element Air Filters. 
  • Just slip over your current air filter before each off-road adventure, then remove and discard when you’re done. No more time wasted cleaning filters after off-roading – these are easy on, easy off!
  • Each filter is designed for a single use only.
  • You are ordering a pack of three (3) disposable, single-use filters.

Transform your current RIPP air filter into a two-stage filtration system and give your engine the double-layered protection it deserves – even in the dustiest conditions. Enhance your off-road experience and maximize your engine’s potential!