RIPP Supercharger Gearcase Heater

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The RIPP Supercharger Heater

Cold Weather Clients! Keep your Supercharger oil warm in the frigid temperatures with our new supercharger heater for the v3 SI Supercharger systems. A easy bolt on solution that can be installed in less than an hour into your supercharger. Then, plug it into a standard 110 volt extension cord to provide electricity over night. Furthermore, if your vehicle is equipped with an engine block heater, our plug has an available outlet to use both in tandem.

Our Supercharger Heating Element will automatically maintain a safe ambient temperature for your gearcase oil in extreme cold weather conditions. It's designed to trigger at low temps and shut when warmed to preset temps.

Easy to install and easy to use. Our heater will plug into a standard wall outlet or extension cord and can be used in conjunction with a block heater to maximize heating efforts.

120Volts - standard outlet

300 watt - heating element