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RIPP Gearcase Heater Vortech V3 Superchargers

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Ripp Charger HeaterRIPP Gearcase Heater Vortech V3 SuperchargersRipp SuperchargersRipp Charger Heater AdapterV3 Remote Vent hose
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The RIPP Supercharger Gearcase Heater is a convenient solution for cold weather operation. It can be easily installed in less than an hour into any Vortech V3 Supercharger system. Simply plug it into a standard 110 volt extension cord and it will automatically maintain a safe ambient temperature for your gearcase oil in extreme cold weather conditions. It can also be used in conjunction with an engine block heater for maximum heating efforts. Stay worry-free and keep your supercharger running smoothly even in frigid temperatures with the RIPP Supercharger Gearcase Heater.


  • Heater Unit 
  • Instructions 
  • One bottle of V3 Supercharger oil 



  • 120 volts - standard US outlet
  • 300 watt - heating element 
  • Stainless Construction

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