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RIPP Thrustmaster HUB Adapter

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RIPP Thrustmaster HUB AdapterRIPP Thrustmaster HUB AdapterRIPP Thrustmaster HUB AdapterRIPP Thrustmaster HUB AdapterRIPP Thrustmaster HUB AdapterRIPP Thrustmaster HUB AdapterRIPP Thrustmaster HUB Adapter
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The RIPP adapter allows you to remove the small gaming steering wheel that came with your Thrustmaster TX T300 P310 or T500 and install a real life and authentic 70-74mm Momo, Sparco or OMP steering wheel. There is no limit to the wheel type, just pick one, attach it to our adapter and go. Pictured is a vintage MOMO (Not included) we use to race our old school cars like Ferrari F40's or BMW's in Forza. Changing the wheel gives you a more realistic game feel and gives every car in your garage a unique feel. Additionally changing to a real steering wheel will give you more control because of the increased leverage in addition to a more life like experience.

Don't be fooled by the cheap plastic adapters being sold on Ebay for a few dollars less - THEY BREAK (SEE Pics of black broken plastic units from eBay) 
No matter how "gentle" you are with them, they break while you're using them. They break while you're getting in and out of your racing seat or the first time your friends come over to play. 

Cheap does not mean good.

The competitors are all 3D printed from a hot plastic thread and simply will not hold up to the real sawing YOU do when drifting in your rally game, running through the Nurburgring in Forza or wrestling a go-kart in Project Cars. Their design and price are appealing but don't be fooled, you are buying a light piece of plastic that just lets you down somewhere down the line while you're playing. After going through four (4) of our competitors adapters we decided to just build our own out of aircraft billet aluminum. If you are a serious racer don't waste your time convincing yourself that the plastic ones are better because of the price, the only thing they are is cheaper and not a less expensive comparable item. 

Aircraft Quality Billet Aluminum
Our unit will never break and we guarantee it for the life time of the product!

We designed our unit so precisely and with such a tight fit on the wheelbase that there is really no need for the small Thrustmaster locking screw to hold it in place. Just put it on your wheel of choice with the supplied stainless hardware and push it on the T on the hub and crank down on the locking collar. Before you know it you will be enjoying your racing wheel more than ever before. You can still use the locking screw, one thing though, our adapter won't crack if you over tighten the locking screw like theirs does ;) 

For use with:
  • Thrustmaster T500 T300 P310 TX TS-PC Racer
Fits aftermarket steering wheels with both:
  • 70mm 
  • 74mm 
  • Brands like Momo, Sparco, Raid, Personal, Nardi and OMP 
In the box:
  • 6 countersunk stainless steel bolts
  • 1 Billet Aluminum Thrustmaster T500 T300 P310 TX adapter
  • A whole-lotta fun 
If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us and we will address anything.
If you are looking for more than one adapter, please message us through  our site and we can work out the details.
Thanks for looking and get ready to crank away without worry. 

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