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RIPP Supercharger V8 Tune-Up Kit

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RIPP Supercharger V8 Tune-Up Kit
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Keep your RIPP supercharged vehicle running at peak performance!

One kit for all your maintenance needs


The V8 Tune-Up Kit includes the following items needed for ongoing maintenance of your RIPP supercharger:

  • 16 x NGK Spark Plugs, Iridium IX
  • RIPP Air filter
  • RIPP Supercharger belt (standard 3.5" pulley)
  • Vortech V3 blower oil (3 bottles)
  • RIPP Catch Can replacement filter (oil filter style)

 **Note: This kit is for RIPP Supercharged vehicles only**

Tech tips:

Spark plugs: Check your spark plug gap before installing new spark plugs. Carefully gap each plug at .032 on a supercharged vehicle. Additionally, apply anti-seize to the threads of each plug. (pro tip: Any stainless hardware must have anti-seize applied to threaded sections, this goes for ALL applications, not only plugs). A spark plug gapper would be very helpful - you can purchase a RIPP Spark Plug Gapper here.

Belts: Check pulleys and belt tensioners when servicing your supercharger's belt system. Clean pulley surfaces with sandpaper or a wire brush to get in the groves of ribbed pulleys. Clean pulley surfaces will have quieter operation.

V3 blower oil: Drain supercharger oil into a clean container for a proper inspection. The maximum capacity of supercharger oil in a V3 unit is 4oz (1 bottle). V3 oil is now blue/purple in color.

RIPP Catch can 'oil filter': We utilize a low restriction oil filter element in our catch cans. Our design captures even the smallest vaporized oil particles that would otherwise circulate through your engine. Replace the filter as needed.

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