RIPP Universal Carbon Fiber Closed Air Filter

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This is a sealed pass-through air filter box intended to be used by any project that requires a sealed air box. It is available in a few different sizes inlet and outlet sizes, please check part numbers below.

 Our High Performance Cold Air Box Kit is engineered to increase HP and engine response when used in conjunction with our Supercharger kit. This box features a filter box that insulates and protects the filter from pulling water and hot air from the engine compartment, a Large diameter air duct provides plenty of volume. The Cleanable And Reusable Cotton Air Filter Element Optimizes Airflow Throughout The Intake System and RPM band. The Carbon Fiber construction Contributes To The Sleek Design and build integrity. 

This is a must have item for those of you running your rigs through water crossings or playing in the mud.


6.5" Filter Body Length
5.0" Diameter
9.25"  Over All Length


RIPP COLD AIR INTAKE BOX  can be used to convert River Raider brand Snorkel kits to work with RIPP Supercharger Kits. However some additional parts like flexible tubing and universal couplers.